Contracts, Policies & Procedures

Contracts, Policies & Procedures

The internal management of a business relies on a web of contractual relationships, investigatory and disciplinary procedures and the implementation of detailed policies. Each policy, procedure or relationship is imperative in dictating a focused aspect of the operation. Employment contracts outline the obligations both employer and employee have with each other, disciplinary procedures explain what happens if those obligations are breached and policies provide a description of the standard to which the obligations in the contract are held.

Given how imperative such mechanisms are in running a business, it is vital that they are drafted and worded appropriately – in enough detail – to tackle any situation. This requires time and resources to do correctly, time and resources you may not have to hand.

At Backhouse Jones, our employment team are happy to assist. We will listen to your thoughts and the manner in which you run your business, because we understand that each business is different. Accordingly, we will draft for you any manner of contract, procedure and/or policy to ensure that the rules and regulations of your business are expressly stated, and the members of that business are aware when they have been breached.

A clear and coherent set of rules, regulations and obligations are essential both for the running of a business and, in the event that someone is displeased, with a step or decision that has been made. As long as the decision is taken in line with policy, it can be justified both and in and out of a tribunal situation.

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