Employment Contracts

Employment Contracts

From 6 April 2020, the law regarding employment contracts changed.

What do you need to do?

Operators need to issue contracts of employment from day one; the required content has also broadened.  In addition to the current information that must be provided for all new starters, the employment terms and conditions should also include:-

  • how long a job is likely to last, or the end date of a fixed-term contract;
  • the duration and conditions of any probationary period;
  • how much notice the employer and worker are required to give to terminate the agreement;
  • details of eligibility for sick leave and pay;
  • details of other types of paid leave;
  • all remuneration (not just pay);
  • training entitlement provided by the employer, any part of that training entitlement which the employer requires the worker to complete, and any other training which the employer requires the worker to complete and which the employer will not bear the cost;
  • normal working hours, also the days of the week the worker is required to work, and whether or not such hours or days may be variable, and if they may be how they vary or how that variation is to be determined.

Backhouse Jones can assist with this and ensure that your contracts contain the relevant transport specific provisions from as little as £550 plus VAT.

For more details about this service, please speak with a member from our employment team on 01254 828 300 or email employment@backhouses.co.uk