Employment Tribunals

Employment Tribunals

The one place you don’t want to be on your own

Do you employ people? The likelihood is that you do. Therefore, your business may well find itself dealing with the consequences of ‘human error.’ As part of your strategy to address such mistakes you may identify the person at fault and, unfortunately, have to let them go.

Where this happens, employees are unlikely to take the decision lying down. A jilted employee may turn to the court system to remedy an injustice they feel has been done to them. The end destination is the Employment Tribunal, where you will have to stand and justify the processes and decisions undertaken before terminating someone’s employment. It’s not somewhere you want to be on your own.

At Backhouse Jones, we have skilled team of employment solicitors, competent in drafting and advocacy, who will stand by you if the worst comes to worst. We will provide regular informed advice throughout the entirety of the tribunal process and keep you updated as to costs and liability risks.


The issues most often arising in Tribunals are:
  • Unfair Dismissal
  • Unpaid Wages Claims
  • Discrimination
  • Witness Statements and Evidence
  • HR Procedure Compliance
  • Costs

Employment Tribunals are essentially a last-stop saloon which can obviously be stressful, particularly when considering reputational damage together with financial sanctions that might be awarded. However, with the expertise on offer at Backhouse Jones, the stress and time allocations required can be managed.

The SRA requires all law firms to provide transparency on price and service regarding employment tribunals and unfair and wrongful dismissal.  This can be found in our Transparency Policy.

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