Employee Management

Employee Management

People can do amazing things. However, they can also cause immense headaches to those whose job it is to organise them. Whether it’s attitudes towards other staff members, a poor work ethic or general obstructive behaviour, all businesses encounter instances of a sensitive nature that requires the management of people.

In such circumstances, it is vital that any action taken is done in accordance with all relevant, implemented policies so as to minimise negative impact on any of the parties involved. It is also imperative that any steps taken are legally justified and not vulnerable to criticism should the worst-case-scenario evolve, and the employer and employee find themselves in an Employment Tribunal.

Backhouse Jones are here to support you step-by-step as you manage your workforce effectively and in a way that gets the best out of your employees. We will give procedural advice at every turn to ensure that, where all options have been considered, if an employee must be dismissed then they are done so it a way that promises minimal consequences or bad feeling.


Issues that can often arise where the management of employees is concerned are:
  • Investigatory meetings
  • Disciplinary Procedure
  • Disciplinary Hearings
  • Appeal Hearings
  • Reassignment of Duties
  • Attendance Record
  • Written Warnings
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