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20 September

Welcome to UKCOA’s exclusive legal hub, delivered in partnership by Backhouse Jones.  The hub contains the very latest updates together with forthcoming events, webinars and additional services on offer to all members.






Backhouse Jones’ Autumn Training Programme is now live, featuring a range of condensed courses from understanding defect reports, bridge strikes through to how to discipline your employees, not to mention Operator Licence Awareness courses and two-day Transport Manager Refreshers (delivered with Traffic Commissioner approval).

To view the current programme click on this link below.

Live Events – click here


Road Regulatory 

Traffic Commissioner Tweets – click here

Changes to the Highway Code: rules on using motorways – click here

OTC curtails licence due to bridge strike – click her

Newcastle – Clean air zone proposals – click here

Stoke-on-Trent clean air charge – click here

Learning from failure – DVSA Guidance on understanding lorry, bus or coach driving test results – click here

The “Find the AFT” service – click here

Changes to the Highway Code giving priority to walking and cycling – click here

Going online! Driver Tachograph Card transactions – click here

Keeping you safe – Updates to the Safer Transport Guidance for Operators – click here

DVSA desk-based assessments – The importance of sometimes being a desk pilot – click here 

The Consequences of Bridge Strikes – A Timely Reminder – click here 

Called to a Traffic Commissioner Public Inquiry? Do I need a Solicitor? – click here 

Financial Standing in 2021 – click here 

Fuel prices increase – click here

Face masks on transport after 19 July 2021 – click here

Face Coverings on Home to School Transport – click here 

Beware! It’s much more than a form-filling exercise – O-Licence application and variation – click here 

Speed limiter response will no longer be tested at annual test – click here

Coach and Bus Operators: Reporting Serious Incidents to the DVSA – click here 

Health and Safety Offences and your Operator’s Licence – the consequences of dashboard clutter – click here 

Traffic Commissioners’ Annual Report 2019-2020 – click here 

Insured or not insured? That is the question! – click here 

Construction & Use Test – click here 

‘Because it’s the Law! …. – click here 



The Kickstart Scheme – Closing soon! – click here

3 years? It’s been too long GDPR! – click here

Furlough Caselaw – Does failing to furlough an employee make a dismissal unfair? – click here

Judge rules staff ‘off sick’ can visit pubs – click here

Covid Cases – Employment Tribunals – click here

Uber drivers are workers not self-employed, Supreme Court rules – click here 

Green Card update – click here

Contracts of Employment: The law has changed – click here 

Competitive Interviews in a Redundancy Process – click here 

The Trade Union Act – click here 

Modern Slavery Act 2015 – click here 


Dispute Resolution

Tendering for success – click here 

Check twice or pay twice – click here 

Clandestine entrants: The practicalities – click here 

Did you know that not paying promptly can damage your business? – click here 

Grab your money BACK – click here 


Corporate & Property 

Top Tips for Selling Your Business – click here 


Health & Safety

“Health & Safety – do it or get sued!” – click here 



Covid Hub – click here 



Brexit Hub – click here 




BACKup is the future for legal advice.  Do you charge by the hour?  We don’t.

Our BACKup service has been devised to cover the pinch points of businesses in the coach sector, namely the management and safekeeping of the Operator’s Licence together with the management of people, all for an affordable fixed monthly fee based on an operator’s authorised fleet. The scheme provides 24/7 immediate access to expert transport lawyers regarding wide ranging regulatory and HR matters together with representation at Public Inquiry or Employment Tribunal.

Our service minimises the calamities and costs that can be caused by disputes and litigation because, let’s be frank, if a crisis happens, the time for preparation has passed. Our lawyers take the reins, enabling operators to concentrate on the core business of running a transport business.

UKCOA members will receive a 10% discount if they join the Backhouse Jones BACKup subscription product. For more information email, call 01254 828300 or click here. 



At Backhouse Jones we understand the demands of running a business and the difficulty in allocating sufficient time for training. But can you afford to be without it and why take the risk?

To simplify matters we have compiled a portfolio of key training programmes which can be tailor-made to suit your operational requirements. Training is available in either manageable bite sized chunks or intensive full day brainstorming sessions.

For more information email, call 01254 828300 or click here.


Compliance Reviews 

Our O-Licence compliance reviews provide a bespoke, independent snap-shot identifying the level of compliance being achieved by the teams in your business.

Reviews are undertaken by our experienced department of regulatory solicitors and the reports focus on general O-Licence issues, such as driving licences and the reporting of convictions together with maintenance matters (forward planning, PMI sheets, defect reporting, brake testing) and tachograph analysis.

Backhouse Jones prides itself on delivering industry specific narrative reports with each section providing a summary of findings and recommendations of how issues may be addressed in order to develop best practice and 20:20 strategic vision for your business.

For more information email, call 01254 828300 or click here. 



BACK amongst friends – click here 

Women Torque BACK – click here 


Backhouse Jones are offering UKCOA Members a free all advice line. Members can benefit from triage advice on any legal matter Backhouse Jones can deal with.

This includes Road Regulatory, Employment/HR, Dispute Resolution and Commercial.

Initial advice is offered on a range of topics including –

  • Employee Disputes
  • The Working Time Regulations 1998 (as amended)
  • The Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations 2005
  • Misconduct and disciplinary matters
  • Sickness absence and long term illness
  • Wages, bonuses, attendance bonuses, overtime and general pay disputes
  • Holidays
  • Flexible working requests
  • The Equality Act 2010 (including sex, disability, race, age, sexual orientation, disability related discrimination)
  • Issues relating to casual, self- employed and agency staff
  • Operator’s Licence queries
  • Notifications to Central Licensing Unit / Traffic Commissioner
  • Matters relating to financial standing
  • Convictions
  • Fixed penalties and/or immobilisation

The initial 30 minutes will be free and then rates will be offered for subsequent work.

Please call 01254 828300 and state that you are a UKCOA member.

Strategic and measured business solutions providing 20:20 vision for your operation.