Property Disputes

Property Disputes

Disputes over property can be stressful, time consuming and detrimental to your business. Whether it is by question of the lease, the freehold or the purchasing/leasing process or terms, no one is happy when their base of operations is threatened. It has an effect on yourself as a business owner, as well at the business itself. The workforce becomes uneasy knowing that something is threatening their professional environment.

Perhaps you entered into a lease a few years ago but since then business has taken a down turn and you want to exit your lease, or your landlord is not fulfilling their obligations under the lease? Maybe the neighbour to your property is causing a nuisance which is causing loss to your business.

With any property dispute the key is to seek advice from an early stage instead of letting the dispute rumble and perhaps lose the opportunity to bring the matter to a close. Many leases have a break clause in them which entitles a party to end the lease early as long as the correct notice has been provided to the landlord. Unfortunately, we have seen many examples where this has been missed due to operators concentrating on other business matters.

Our dispute resolution team are empathetic to such situations and will endeavour to resolve the matter in an understanding, yet professional, way. We boast an approachable team of practitioners, all aware of the stresses that come with property disputes and will deploy our expertise in a way that eases the mind of the client.

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