Concessionary Fares

Concessionary Fares

If you operate in the market of Public Transport you will be only too aware of the ‘no better or worse off’ principle that applies to the reimbursement of concessionary fares. It is in fact a statutory obligation of the relevant local authority to ensure that operators are ‘no better or worse off’ as a result of participating in this scheme.

Unfortunately, all too often operators are left feeling that the concessionary reimbursement scheme is a burden on their business – the payments made leave them worse off but because the calculations to work out the fares are both complex and time consuming and as such feel there is little benefit to challenging the money received.

At Backhouse Jones we have built up a wealth of experience challenging concessionary fare payments made to operators. This expertise has been strengthened by our collegiate approach of working with experts who have a sound knowledge of the calculations laid out in the Department for Transport Guidance. As such, we regularly challenge the authorities, ensuring that the fares paid to clients are revisited and paid in line with statute.

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