DVSA & Police Investigations/Prosecutions

DVSA & Police Investigations/Prosecutions

Backhouse Jones are experts in handling investigations and prosecutions.  Common investigations and prosecutions that we regularly handle include:

  • Speeding
  • Using a mobile telephone whilst driving
  • Drink driving through careless and dangerous driving charges
  • Construction and use (including weight, length, condition)
  • Drivers’ hours offences
  • Tachograph and recording equipment
  • Carriage of animals (welfare)
  • Serious accident prosecutions including fraud
  • Health & Safety offences
  • Environmental offences

It is critical to obtain sector specialist advice at the earliest possible stage – even at the first intimation of an investigation or very shortly after an accident and if possible before an intervention.  It is essential to obtain advice before any PACE interview.

The SRA requires all law firms to provide transparency on price and service regarding road traffic offences.  This can be found in our Transparency Policy.

International Prosecutions

Backhouse Jones has a range of reliable contacts in Europe who frequently assist clients whose vehicles have been stopped (and sometimes seized).  If you have recently been forced to pay a roadside deposit without justification from the foreign authorities in order for the release of your vehicle and would like to speak with an expert from our team, please telephone 01254 828 300 and speak with one of our regulatory experts.

Similarly, if you have paid a roadside deposit and received subsequent prosecution papers from the foreign authorities, it is advisable to seek legal guidance. Failure to respond to foreign prosecution papers may result in your vehicle being targeted and/or seized by the foreign authorities the next time your vehicle is in their country.

In some jurisdictions, it is important to make it clear that although you will pay the roadside deposit, you do not accept the allegation e.g. in Belgium.

For more information, please speak with a member of our regulatory team:

T: 01254 828 300
E: regulatory@backhouses.co.uk