Restructures & Reorganisations

Restructures & Reorganisations

Whether you want to restructure your business’s share capital or ownership structure as part of a future exit strategy or obtain additional funding, it is important to get legal advice as early as possible.  It is often tempting to try to carry out the transaction yourself with your accountant to save on fees, but this can be a false economy as restructuring or reorganising can be complicated and require a sound understanding of the rules surrounding each particular situation and a methodical organised approach.  For businesses that rely on an operating licence, understanding the impact of the restructuring or reorganisation on the operating licence is of particular importance.  Operating licences are not normally transferable and operators can unwittingly fall foul of the regulatory regime governing these.


Our corporate team regularly advise on:
  • Solvent schemes of arrangement.
  • Share capital buy-back.
  • Intra-group reorganisations.

At Backhouse Jones, our corporate team are happy to assist. We are experienced in advising on restructures and reorganisations of all sizes and types and have an in-depth understanding of businesses in the bus, coach and HGV sectors and issues peculiar to them.   We will listen to your thoughts and respect the manner in which you run your business, because we understand that each business is different and you want to get the deal done.

For more information, please speak with a member of our corporate team: 

T:  01254 828 300