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Customs & International Trade

A haulier’s job often sees them border-hopping between states as their customer requires. That, or an operator transporting their own manufactured goods will find themselves shipping out or transporting their own products from within the UK to other countries. This requires attention from a business to their infrastructure for managing compliance with regulations introduced as part of the Treasury’s policies, in order to avoid a large penalty or hefty fine being imposed from HM Revenue and Customs.

In order to ensure that the information provided in customs entry is correct or that the import duty and VAT being paid is correct, consideration must be had for the below issues:

  • Classification of Goods
  • Origin of Goods
  • Valuation of Goods
  • Authorised Economic Operator Status
  • Free Trade Agreements
  • The Duty Deferment Program

At Backhouse Jones, our practitioners have experience in the above issues and have been trained to understand and grasp the nuanced elements of these matters. If you are concerned about the infrastructure you have at the moment, or if you have received notice from HMRC of a likely tribunal situation, we can represent you with broad, in-depth sector knowledge and can review your compliance with legal obligations.

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