Drivers’ Hours

Drivers’ Hours

Drivers’ Hours Rules - are you compliant?

Relaxed Drivers’ Hours Rules

Backhouse Jones are offering a service for operators working under the relaxed EU and GB drivers’ hours rules during the coronavirus pandemic.  Whilst the relaxed hours enable the wheels of Great Britain to keep moving, many operators may not be aware of the additional compliance obligations.  Whilst the relaxation is a welcome relief during this extraordinary time, it is vitally important that operators ensure the relaxed rules are being complied with.

Operators may experience the following challenges:

  • Difficulty with software packages that are not configured to the relaxed rules.
  • Wholesale infringements being reported.
  • Reviewing each infringement to establish if the driver has complied and whether there are the required records.
  • Complications when calculating weekly rest.

Our service offers the following:

  • A review of your data.
  • A comprehensive compliance report with recommendations.

What is the cost?

  • £200 plus VAT for one week’s worth of data for up to 10 drivers (including the associated vehicle unit data). An additional £200 plus VAT for every additional ten drivers’ data supplied.

In order to take advantage of this product, we will require access to your raw digital data.  It is also important to note that this product does not take the place of your current analysis; it re-analyses your raw data to look at compliance with the relaxed Drivers’ Hours Rules.


Demystifying your Drivers’ Hours data

Backhouse Jones are offering operators the opportunity to have their drivers’ hours data interpreted and tested for the most common issues that are buried deep within the analysis. Data will be subjected to a rigorous review that will aim to identify key areas of weakness that are often missed.  Even with the most user-friendly analysis it can be difficult to know whether you are seeing the full picture and whether you are taking the right follow on steps with drivers.  This product is designed to guide operators through the data and unearth information that standard analysis is unlikely to provide.

Backhouse Jones will review one month of data and provide a report which covers:

  • An overview of compliance with the EU Drivers’ Hour Rules and the Working Time Directive;
  • Whether your current analysis is providing you with all the information you need;
  • Whether the data demonstrates areas of concern;
  • Whether any infringements would be considered serious;
  • Provide you with an infringement rate in percentage terms;
  • Overspeed analysis and commentary;
  • Missing mileage issues;
  • Repeat offenders and recommended action to be taken;
  • Any issues the Vehicle Unit analysis may identify.

Please note that the product does not take the place of an operators existing analysis; it interprets current analysis to highlight issues that may not be readily apparent so that operators can better use the information available.

All of this will be provided for a fixed fee.

For further details, please contact our regulatory team on 01254 828 300 or email